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White Chocolate Candle
White Chocolate Candle
White Chocolate Candle

White Chocolate Candle

Treat yourself to this festive white chocolate candle! Its creamy aroma will fill your home, reminding you of Christmas morning. Holiday fun with a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth sensation!

The Scent:

   • Top Notes: White Cocoa & Hazelnut

   • Heart Notes: Biscuits & Caramel

   • Base Notes: Vanilla

Burn Time:

20 - 25 hours

Ingredients: 100% Soy Wax, Perfume Oils, Cotton Wick
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Laguz products may vary slightly, due to being handmade.

We use high quality waxes & oils that are vegan and never tested on animals to make our candles and melts. Our products are packaged using only eco-friendly materials to minimise our carbon footprint.

We use the highest possible concentration of premium quality oils so you can be sure that your home will smell amazing when you’re using our products!

Cotton Wick: ALWAYS trim your wick to 0.5 to 1cm before each burn.

Wooden Wick: ALWAYS trim your wick to 2 mm before each burn.

To prevent tunneling ensure the melted wax pool reaches the edges of the candle jar with your first burn.

Do not burn continuously for more than 4 hours.

WARNING: Keep lit candles always in view & never unattended. Keep away from children & pets. Lit candles are very hot so never touch the candle jar. Only burn on level, heat resistant surfaces.

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