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Easter Egg Wax Melts
Easter Egg Wax Melts

Easter Egg Wax Melts

A limited edition wax melt collection in de shape of cute little easter eggs.


• Dark Chocolate & Orange

• Hazel Delight

• Crème Caramel

Burn Time: Over 20 Burning Hours Per Melt
Ingredients: Coconut & Soy Wax Blend, Perfume Oils, Dried Botanicals

Packed in bags of 3 (one of each scent)

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Laguz products may vary slightly, due to being handmade.

We use high quality waxes & oils that are vegan and never tested on animals to make our candles and melts. Our products are packaged using only eco-friendly materials to minimise our carbon footprint.

We use the highest possible concentration of premium quality oils so you can be sure that your home will smell amazing when you’re using our products!

Some safety instructions:

  • Keep your wax warmer on a level and heat resistant surface
  • Only use with 4 hour unscented tea lights
  • Do not add water
  • Do not overfill the well of the wax warmer
  • Always supervise a burning candle
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

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