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Metal Tealight Cup - Reusable
Metal Tealight Cup - Reusable

Metal Tealight Cup - Reusable

These metal tealight cups are a perfect addition to our tealights.

We try our very best to minimise our carbon footprint and so instead of using plastic or aluminium disposable tealight cups, we make our tealights without cups.

Use these cups to burn your tealights. You can reuse them over and over again!

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Laguz products may vary slightly, due to being handmade.

We use high quality waxes & oils that are vegan and never tested on animals to make our candles and melts. Our products are packaged using only eco-friendly materials to minimise our carbon footprint.

We use the highest possible concentration of premium quality oils so you can be sure that your home will smell amazing when you’re using our products!

All our tealights are made without aluminium tealight cups. It is best to place them in a reusable tealight cup, a small jar or on a tray when you burn them.

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